Covid-19: A pause or a reset button?

Right now we are all facing a global crisis that will get worse before it gets better. In South Africa we are managing it reasonably well. But a lack of good leadership elsewhere could lead to 100 000 or more deaths in those countries where we have alumni. We are deeply concerned about them and their families. We are praying for them at this time. 

Because of this crisis, we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel the 5-week block programme for this year. We might be able to continue with some weekend programmes.

We are in consultation with those who can assist us to do things online (webinars, online courses etc.) and we will get back to you once this is clear. 

Revisiting the climate crisis …

Does the Covid-19 crisis represent a pause button or a reset button? Perhaps it is both, but what we should not long for is to get back to normal, as our normal was actually abnormal. We were on our way to a climate catastrophe; hopefully that has now been somewhat slowed down. Conversations about this will now become mainstreamed and practical things will be done. Local food gardens will be planted so that the distance that most of our food travels can be cut. Making local communities food-secure will need to become a focus of our life.

Appreciating the human body …

A greater awareness of what makes up the body and how to keep it healthy and resilient should become a further focus. For the Church, which is also called “the body of Christ” (we are what we eat!) this should be an exciting angle, since it is the wounded body that is resurrected and fills us with hope. A lack of focus on and appreciation of the human body often leads to unnecessary debates in the church. One is hopeful that this will change.

Uniting in Christ

May the current crisis deepen our unity with one another and with Christ so that we face the future with a deepened faith, hope and love.

May God bless you this Easter

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