Register for the 10th Annual Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture

Climate justice globally: Now and for the future

It is a special privilege for the Volmoed Youth Leadership Training Programme (VYLTP) to bring to your attention the 10th Annual Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture, courtesy of the Desmond and Leah Tutu Foundation. The Tutu Peace Lecture happens every year on the Arch’s birthday, which is 7 October. This year he turns 89 years old. People across the globe will be able to watch it on TV, listen on their radio or live stream it on their phones or computers.

Register at

Vanessa Nakate
Greta Thunberg

Time: 7 October 2020, 7 PM GMT+2

We have been inundated with questions as excitement for this event is building up!

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the date of the peace Lecture and at what time will it take place?
    7 October, on Arch Tutu’s birthday, at 7 pm South Africa time (GMT+2).
  2. Where will it take place?
    Digitally, on various platforms. It will be streamed on website, and on several other digital platforms (TV, Radio, Facebook Live, etc.).
  3. Who are the speakers for this year’s lecture and what will they focus on?
    The first speaker will be Vanessa Nakate from Uganda. Vanessa is best known for an incident that happened at the WEF where she was photographed with other activists (who happened to be white) and when the photo was published, she was cut out.
    The second speaker is Greta Thunberg, who started the Climate strike for schools and speaks on various platforms warning world leaders to take urgent action.
  4. Do I have to register for this and if so, where?
    Yes, you are encouraged to please register on .
    This will enable the organisers to update you on the various platforms on which you can view it as these are finalized. The other advantage of registering is that you will be able to send a birthday message to the Arch.
  5. Is there a cost involved?
    No, but you are encouraged to make a donation.
  6. Will the Arch speak?
    Yes, God willing.
  7. Will there be any other speakers or musicians?
    Support messages from Climate activists from across the world and representing various sectors will be played or read out. A message from Pope Francis is even expected.
    A South African choir will sing at the beginning and at the end.
  8. Will the lecture continue to be available to view afterwards?
    Yes, it will be on the website and on other platforms where it was streamed.
  9. Will it be accessible in every country across the globe?
    Yes, unless a country specifically blocks it.
  10. What is the hoped-for outcome and impact of the Peace Lecture?
    We hope that many people across the globe will watch it, be inspired by it and take action to tackle the climate emergency that we face.
  11. Will there be follow-up events after the lecture?
    The lecture is a one-off event but everyone will be expected to follow up as they see fit.
  12. Who are the main sponsors of this event?
    We will announce this closer to the event.
  13. Will there be a sign-language interpreter?
  14. Will it just be in English?
    Yes. Unless countries choose to translate it if they play it afterwards.
  15. How can I support or show my appreciation for the work of the Arch?
    By registering for this event and encouraging others to register and by making a donation at

Please pass this on to as many others as possible.

More information on the 2020 Desmond Tutu Peace lecture …

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