Application policy and procedure

Please note: Due to Covid-19, the five week block programme for 2020 has been cancelled. 

  1. Young adults between 19 – 26 yrs old may apply.
  2. Young people from across the world are welcome to apply. Those coming from Northern countries are asked to donate to the cost of African delegates.
  3. First read the Code of Conduct. Click here.
  4. Only if you have accepted the Code of Conduct may you proceed to the online application with personal information and essay questions. Please note: none of the questions on this application form will automatically count for or against you.
  5. You will have to indicate in which programme you want to participate, see: The three streams of VYLTP.
  6. Choose two people who can provide insight as to your academic aptitude, spiritual commitment and leadership qualities. Include their contact information when prompted in the application – please be sure to ask permission and notify these references. Ask them to e-mail a letter of recommendation to the Reverend Edwin Arrison.

What about funding? Bursaries are available. The total cost for the 5-week programme is R18,000 per person.
For other finance related questions, just ask!

Application form (Finance questions will be asked separately)




Educational information

Co-Curricular work and activities

Work experience

SHORT ESSAYS: 1. Leadership

SHORT ESSAYS: 2. Relationships

SHORT ESSAYS: 3. Faith / Spiritual Life


Please supply us with at least two contactable references as well as a reference letter from one of your referees. Email the letter to the Reverend Edwin Arrison at .

Health/Medical information

Rule of Life/ Code of conduct (This can be read here).


NOTE : Separate questions will be asked about your financial position