A contextual reading of the Bible: reflection

WHEN Ran from 22 June 2021 (for 8 weeks); Tuesdays from 7:00–9:00 PM
FOR WHOMThose between 18–35 years old
FACILITATORS The Warehouse (Rev Rene August, Thandi Gamedze and Craig Stewart)

On August 4, Edwin Arrsison wrote:

Last night, we (VYLTP) had our 8th and last session of the online course “Reading the Bible contextually” with a group of 14 young people who were hungry for this teaching. Our facilitators (Thandi Gamedze, Rene August and Craig Stewart) were excellent. The young people wanted to continue but we had to stop (for now). This kind of online course is testimony of what can be done during a pandemic and the quality of young leaders we have in the Church. Please pray for them as they continue to grapple with this methodology. At the end I said: “If it does not lead to loving service, do not do it, as it is then merely feeds your ego“. I hope they heard me….

More about the course

The story of Christianity in South Africa is a complex one, intertwined with a painful history of colonialism whose legacy continues to have significant impact today. However, examples abound both locally and globally, showing how the Bible has been used not only for oppression but also for liberation. In order for us to follow in the liberative footsteps of Jesus, we need to do the work of disentangling the Bible from colonial narratives, which is the work of decolonization.

This 8-week course was about

  • Deepening our understanding of how the Bible has been used as a text of both oppression and liberation
  • Exploring how we read the Bible and what happens when we read from a variety of perspectives
  • Participating with others in reading the Bible contextually, and grapple with varying perspectives of critical biblical texts
  • Deepening our understanding of how the Bible can help you to bear witness to Christ in ways that lead to redemption and liberation in the world today

According to all participants it was a huge success.