The Three Streams of VYLTP

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid-19, these programmes have been temporarily suspended. On our Programmes page, you will find our alternative courses. 

From 2020 onwards, young adults will have a choice of joining 1 to 3 streams of the Volmoed Youth Leadership Training Programme (VYLTP).

5 long weekends

Stream 1 happens over 5 long weekends during the year and will be staffed primarily by The Warehouse in Cape Town, but will be hosted at Volmoed. This stream is connected to a University and those who complete this stream will be accredited to complete a BTh degree.

Late May to the end of June

Stream 2 happens from late May to the end of June and is aimed at those young adults who cannot frequently travel to Volmoed and who wish to live in community for five full weeks.

A combination of Stream 1 & 2

Stream 3 is a combination of Stream 1 and 2: a young adult can start at the beginning of the year and take part in all 5 weekends as well as live in community for the block of 5 weeks.

Prospective delegates must indicate on the application form for which stream they are applying.