Rev. Edwin Arrison

Edwin Arrison, Director of VYLTP; Arabella Community Trust; and Student Director of Hermanus Varsity Trust

Hi, I am Edwin Arrison, the Director of VYLTP.  I need your support for a cause that’s very close to my heart. I’m raising money for the Volmoed Youth Leadership Training Programme (VYLTP), that does significant work for young people in South Africa and abroad.

Young people are transformed, empowered and skilled to deal with the many challenges thrown at them. They carve out their rightful place and space in the church and in the world.

There is information about this initiative in the video below, as well as on this website – see, e.g. the page on our Faculty, Partners and Funders and the  VYLTP programmes.

If you can, please donate to my fundraising project on the secure platform of GivenGain! This will be for the 5th cohort of VYLTP in 2020. alternatively you can do an EFT.  

The video below provides a snapshot of a past programme.