VYLTP 2016

A historic photo of the first group of students of VYLTP with the priests, team facilitators and mentors, grouped around Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

All the lovely people … Where do they all come from?

The VYLTP cohort of 2016 started their first week of the program by introducing themselves to each other through a creative process led by The Warehouse. The following statements that were compiled for the purpose of this exercise capture some of the diverse backgrounds of the group. Here is a selection.

I am from… struggling parents, who even while they had little, never left me hungry

I am from… a place where I tried many things and failed, but I am learning to pick myself up and to continue wrestling

I am from… an area where your neighbour is your uncle and aunty

I am from… a loving family that have a relationship with God

I am from… not knowing who I really am and not knowing what I want

I am from… a place of black and white but not the combination of it

I am from… my struggles to understand God

I am from… a place where people cook lekker stew and pap

I am from… a faith community that is only beginning to realise their power and privilege and the way they oppress

I am from… a position where it was hard for me to satisfy my previous employer

I am from… a place where going on holiday is a once in a lifetime opportunity

I am from… a family that sings and pray together

I am from… a period where I had to deal with the fact that I am a cancer survivor – I am victorious

I am from… a place where nothing is granted and nothing comes for granted

I am from… a place where waking up on a winter morning is such a struggle that you start contemplating why you need this job or this money

I am from… a nation that has a dark history, a past that does not want to go away, a town that does not want change their mind-set

I am from… a place that I always want to leave but cannot live without

I am from… a place of playing soccer, rugby and cricket in the streets

I am from… God

Visit to Table Mountain

At Volmoed …

Planting trees on Mandela Day, 18 July

Affirming one another next to God’s waters, underneath God’s sun, on God’s sands …

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