The Five Themes of VYLTP

Note: Due to Covid-19, this programme has been temporarily suspended. Please find new offerings on our Programmes page.

The main course is designed around the following five themes and is followed in a five week block:

1.  Community

This is based on the Bonhoeffer theme of “Life together” and Martin Luther King Jr’s idea of “the Beloved community”.  It is facilitated by the Rev Seth Naicker who focuses on allowing people to tell their story (#whatsyourstory).

2.  Healing and wholeness

Volmoed was started with the idea of bringing wholeness to people. Leadership is about becoming whole in order to help others and society to become whole. During this week, the young leaders confronts his/her own past in order to bring it to healing.

3.  Creation and creativity

Human dignity and creativity is the focus of this week. John de Gruchy helps the young leaders to understand Genesis 1 – 2 and what this means for them today.  We also focus on the ecology and how to heal the earth during this week.

4.  Reconciliation

During this week we challenge the young leaders to think about what the work of reconciliation entails and how they can take this further in their home churches and communities. This is normally facilitated by Wilhelm Verwoerd and Themba Lonzi.

5.  Peace and justice

The final week integrates what has been done before and focuses on peacemaking and peace building. Young people are taught the skill of peacemaking as developed through the “Roots and Branches” programme.