Rule of life / Code of conduct

VYLTP is a residential leadership training programme. You will be living in community with other participants on the programme and in the community of Volmoed. Living in the community provides a great opportunity for learning as a leader. It is not easy to live, work and learn with others different from yourself, yet is deeply enriching. In order to guide our community life, we have come up with some guidelines. If accepted to the programme it will be necessary to agree to the code of conduct.

There will be no smoking or drinking of alcohol during the program, on or off campus. If a participant has an addiction this needs to be handled in confidentiality with the leadership of the program, prior to arrival.

It is expected that you will keep the quiet hours in the house. The common living areas are open for community life, except during the quiet hours.  Bedrooms are to remain as private spaces, not to be visited by the opposite gender at any time.

It is expected that you will be an active learner and participate in all of the scheduled sessions and outings unless other arrangements have been with the staff.

It is expected that you will offer your gifts and abilities for the good of the community, including but not limited to keeping a tidying room and doing your part in keeping the house clean.