New VYLTP online course: “Beloved Community”

Covid-19 has taken its toll on our leadership programmes offered each year at Volmoed. Our programmes were built along the five themes of: Community; Healing and wholeness;, Creation and creativity; Reconciliation; and Peace and justice. We are hoping to revive these programmes when the virus has been slain.

Our current challenges have also forced us to think out of the box, and the outcome is a brand new online course kicking off in 2021, entitled ‘Beloved Community”.

We are privileged to have the Rev Seth Naicker as our course leader. Here is what he says:

This course will help you to understand the concept of “Beloved Community” as a leadership and theological approach for impacting on the development of community. God’s vision of healthy relational community — the counter-cultural Beloved Community — will be our anchoring resolve as we engage in courageous and interactive learning.”

Seth Naicker

Applications close on 20 January 2021.

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