My hands, our hands, God’s hands

A story is told about a young boy who wanted to test a sage. He held a small little bird in his two cusped hands and said to the sage: “Is this little bird dead or alive?” In his mind he thought: If the sage says “dead” then he will simply open his hand and allow the bird to fly away. If the sage says “alive”, he will crush the little bird. The sage listened to his question and contemplated for a while. Then she answered: “Son, whether the bird is alive or dead, is in your hands”.

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Mourning Clint Le Bruyns: What do we do?


How do we cope with the enormous shock and loss of someone so inspiring, so generous in spirit?

Dr. Clint le Bruyns, the widely loved and respected South African theologian, intellectual and activist was 48 years old on the morning of 7 January 2021 when his body succumbed to Covid-19 related complications.

What do we do?

In his tribute, Rev. Moss Nthla (Chair: Kairos South Africa and General Secretary: The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa) responded as follows:

What do you do when a brave soldier falls in the middle of a fierce battle?
When the foe is not merely another tribe from across the river, but an empire arrogantly straddling the globe?
Corrupting the mind with theologies of death.
Enslaving the soul with the values of darkness.
Subjecting the majority of the peoples of the world to the falsehood that evil can trump good.
You celebrate.
You celebrate a…

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Covid: we need to change course

Before we end the year, it will be useful to look back on 2020 and reflect on what has happened and how VYLTP has been affected by it – and perhaps even begin to chart a way forward. Our mission at VYLTP is to “gather young leaders to form a safe space of learning, through courageous conversations, to foster wise leadership that empowers them to facilitate transformative justice in church and society”.

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A  discussion note for South African Christians via SACLI

By Rev Edwin Arrison, 10 July 2020

A basic statement of faith is that all people are created in the image of God. And all people have God’s breath within us (Gen 1 and 2).

But what happens if, over hundreds of years, this image is denied within black people and a universal cry rings out “We can’t breathe!” At that point, black people affirm—without seeking the validation of others—that indeed BLACK LIVES MATTER. The cry of the people simply echoes the cry of God. That is why it can truly be called a “movement” and not simply a “moment”. Continue reading


‘n Christelike meditasie

Deur Eerw. Edwin Arrison namens SACLI

(Also in English)

‘n Fundamentele Christelike stelling is dat alle mense na God se beeld geskape is en God se lewens-asem en gees in hom of haar het (Genesis 1 en 2).

Maar wat gebeur wanneer ‘n groot groep van die mensdom (swart mense) begin skreeu: “Ons kan nie asemhaal nie!”? Die stem van hierdie mense, wat ook God se lewens-asem het, eggo hiermee die stem van God, en soek gevolglik nie erkenning of toestemming vir die kreet nie. Continue reading

Covid-Zooming with VYLTP alumni

To both mourn and celebrate VYLTP amidst the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, several alumni and leaders of VYLTP gathered on Zoom on 24 May 2020.

We mourned because we had to cancel the 2020 cohort of VYLTP. And we celebrated as we could see the faces and hear the voices of alumni from Swaziland, Kenya, Palestine, the USA, Canada and also South Africa. This was the first time that the young leaders from the first four cohorts met. We were determined “not to waste a good crisis”, as one of them (Louis) said.

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Covid-19: A pause or a reset button?

Right now we are all facing a global crisis that will get worse before it gets better. In South Africa we are managing it reasonably well. But a lack of good leadership elsewhere could lead to 100 000 or more deaths in those countries where we have alumni. We are deeply concerned about them and their families. We are praying for them at this time. 

Because of this crisis, we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel the 5-week block programme for this year. We might be able to continue with some weekend programmes.

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Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the brand-new, out-of-the-box VYLTP website. We know that it will serve the needs of young leaders in the Church and society.  The website will not only keep everyone informed of the Volmoed Youth programme and its alumni, but also publish thoughtful articles on this blog to empower young leaders, help them grow in faith, hope and love, and lead to actions in that same spirit.

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